Here on Facebook U!

Here on Facebook U!

I saw it on the internet
Therefore it must be true
I don’t need to look it up
It’s here on Facebook U.!

Somebody put it on a MEME
You know those things are fact
It doesn’t matter what it says
Heck yeah! I’m sharing that!

An old friend got offended
I guess they don’t agree
With all the things I’ve posted
And now they’re blocking me!

I copy this and copy that
Cuz that’s what people do
It doesn’t matter who said what
If it’s on Facebook U.!

And now somehow the whole world knows
That I love toast and jam
Because I put one photo up
On my new Instagram.

I used a Snapchat filter once
Now everyone can see
That I can put weird make up on
And hide what’s really me.

I should be doing work right now
But Facebook is more fun
My wage is too low anyways
Someone else will get it done.

No one can tell me what to say
Or tell me what to do
My phone is now my new best friend
And we’re on Facebook, too!
Deni Ann Cooper

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